The Art of



We Offer

  • Yacht Management Round the Clock Proactive
  • Yacht Registration
  • Flag Registration Local & Foreign
  • Crew Visa Multiple Entry
    & Immigration Clearance
  • Yacht Custom Clearance
  • Port Clearance Inward / Outward
  • Catering & Parties
  • Repair & Maintenance
  • Fuelling / Bunkering
  • Water , Food & Medical Supplies
  • Berth Booking
  • Hotel Booking




Is Anchor Yacht Club

Anchor Yacht Club is the safe harbor for all of your maritime needs; we are full service marine professionals, our firm is well known to be dedicated to the provision of custom made services 

designed to meet the needs of each client, with confidence, trust and reliability , so the club becomes the  ultimate concierge service for absentee yacht owners who

 want to enjoy their yacht whenever they choose without any of the hassles by offering a complete range of high-end services for everything you need for your lifestyle at the sea.        


You Get

Under the umbrella of our services yachting become easy . We offer Yacht owners total care & total peace of mind. We can handle every part of yacht ownership, from delivery to charter , 

we help in every step of the way our local team are on hand to assist  with final preparations and itinerary planning before your departure  and arrival , taking care of a yacht is a time-consuming commitment. 

We can reliably look after your yacht details so it will be in top shape and ready for your next visit  you don’t have to lift a finger 


You Need This

joining our club you are protecting your investment, you will utilizing your time in another investments or in having fun , a class club means that yachts are more likely to retain their value . your choice of Anchor Yacht club makes difference as our sense of perfection means that we are constantly striving to provide solutions, even for hidden issues.